About me

About LinorStore Jewelry

I’m Linda Blatchford, a jewelry and kippah designer who works with wire, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals to create freeform kippah designs, Judaica jewelry, and beaded and wire gemstone jewelry to celebrate everyday, holidays and special occasions.


  • Do you want to get the best jewelry gift to celebrate and remember an upcoming joyous occasion? It’s hard to find a special Jewish jewelry gift or kippah by going to different shops in person, or looking in 1-2 Israeli catalogs, wasting time or having to order it from Israel without knowing if you’ll receive it in time.
  • Are you looking for a kippah (or Judaica) jewelry gifts for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding or another lifecycle event?
  • Do you want a yarmulke that helps you feel beautiful and happy when you wear it?
  • Do you find it frustrating to find the perfect Jewish ( or Bat Mitzvah gift) when the choices are so limited?
  • Are you a breast cancer survivor or know someone who is?

Creating jewelry and kippot for me is all about celebrating life everyday and celebrating Jewish holidays and other special occasions. It’s the JOY in Judaism and jewelry.

This means that:

  • the yarmulke (or piece of jewelry) helps you feel beautiful, joyous and connected to G-d when you wear it
  • you can be certain that the kippah you purchase will help you to have happy memories of your simcha.
  • you can be confident that you’ll receive the kippah in plenty of time for your event and move on to the other details on your planning checklist
  • your kippah or jewelry design is handmade in the U.S.

Note:  My products come from a cat-friendly and smoke-friendly home. If you are allergic to cats or smoke, please do not order.

Clients say:

Copper Wire Kippah

Dena – “I LOVE your kippot because they are “random” and imperfectly-shaped, and abstract. All of the other ones are perfectly shaped circles or flowered-shaped or round – yours are more free-formed and I love that! They are also decorative without being “over the top” with too many colors or beading like some others. I think you do an excellent  job as you can probably tell!”


nina - 3 wedding pearl bracelets


Nina – “The [bracelets are] absolutely perfect, I love them, and they fit perfectly. You pulled it together … thanks so much, Linda”

Susan – “Linda, [the kippah] is beautiful….more important Maya loves it!!!!!! Maya said you can put a sliver hamsa on it she won’t mind and she said it may actually make it stand out more. She thinks it is perfect. Thank you so very much for the love you poured into this piece, it will be worn (G-d willing ) for many years of her life. It will help to make this day of entering into Jewish womanhood so special. Thank you again the kippah is so very wonderful. ”

  • We’ll work together one-on-one to choose the wire colors, beads and crystals,
  • We’ll communicate often by email or telephone
  • By shopping online you’ll save time




My designs are handmade in Elgin, IL (in the Chicagoland area) in the U.S.








Artist Statement:

It all started when I was a little girl making necklaces and bracelets out of pony beads. I loved the feel of them. Fast forward to about 10 years ago, I attended a women’s workshop where we made bracelets while listening to a speaker. It was so relaxing and refreshing, I knew I was hooked, or should I say strung?

It’s a joy to have you choose the colors and size of your kippah for your bar/bat mitzvah or wedding and for you to have a memory of the happy occasion. My kippahs are freeformed. I do not follow a pattern and add beads as I am inspired. I intentionally do not make them round because I am imperfect as a human being. It thrills me when my clients understand this.

As a new breast cancer Survivor, it excites me to help you design a gift for the Survivor in your life.

My workplace is the dining room table, and each room of our home plays a role: photography, packing and shipping, bead storage, and finished pieces and jewelry displays.

Each of my pieces is created with love and positive energy. It’s all about joy, celebrating holidays and special occasions.


LinorStore Name:

My friend Noreen and I originally started this business as partners doing publicity for authors by booking independent authors for paid events when we were both unemployed. We share the “N” – I’m the “Lin” and she’s the “Nor”.

She started a new full-time job and she decided not to continue with the business. I registered the name LinorStore.com as a DBA and moved my jewelry to this website.