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  Sukkot  At sundown, Wednesday, October 4 the festival of Sukkot begins. Sukkot is known as the “Festival of Tabernacles” and the “Feast of Booths.” (it is also known as “Z’man Simchataynu,” the time of our rejoicing), It is one of Judaism’s three central pilgrimage festivals, along with Passover and Shavuot. Jews live in temporary dwellings called sukkot (singular – sukkah) with […]

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Sukkot – Jewish Harvest Festival

Sukkot Today is the second day of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot, which means “booths.” It is the Feast of the Harvest when G-d commaded us to dwell in little booths. It commemorates the years of wandering in the desert for the Israelites. The holiday lasts for 8 days outside of Israel.  Here are Sukkot earrings […]