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Topaz Jewish Sukkot Lulav Earrings

Sukkot – Jewish Harvest Festival

Sukkot Today is the second day of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot, which means “booths.” It is the Feast of the Harvest when G-d commaded us to dwell in little booths. It commemorates the years of wandering in the desert for the Israelites. The holiday lasts for 8 days outside of Israel.  Here are Sukkot earrings […]


Shavuot starts June 11

Shavuot Shavuot is the Jewish holiday on sundown Sat. June 11 that makes us think of cheesecake*. It’s the Feast of Weeks, 7 weeks from the second Passover seder. Originally it was a harvest festival, but since biblical times, it’s associated with the giving of the Torah. Many people decorate their homes and synagogues with flowers. There is […]