Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials reaffirm that I’m designing the right designs to help women get a handcrafted jewelry or kippah design to celebrate life cycle events: bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, and other special occasions.

“I create so my clients can celebrate every day.” – Linda

Here are client testimonials and comments I’ve received from my terrific clients:

Nancy was referred by an Etsychai Jewish teammate.

“The kippah is absolutely beautiful! The Etsy photos do not do it justice, really. I suggest more photographs of them being worn because it is so graceful on the head. The artist is very responsive to your questions and special requests.”


Barbara, my friend since grammar school, said this about her new custom designed hamsa necklace

“Thank you, Linda Blatchford for the beautiful necklace. This is exactly what i wanted. I was so excited to wear it today. You are a creative artist my dear friend. Hugs, Barbara”

She said she feels the love and positive energy, I put into the necklace.



I’m thankful to Jeri for what she said about the kippah she purchased:

“The kippah was packaged really well and is beautiful! And Linda followed up to be sure I was happy. I would purchase from her again.”



Rachel gave me a 5 star review on Etsy:

“This is the second custom Kippah I have ordered from Linda and I couldn’t be happier! She has always been responsive, helpful, creative, and honest. I am so happy with my new kippah and I can’t wait to wear it!”


You can read more about custom orders on this page.

Sharon said “I received the earrings very quickly, and they were exactly as pictured. I wore them for the yom tovim with great pleasure.”

Topaz Jewish Sukkot Lulav Earrings


Dara reviewed 2 kippot on Etsy:

These were really beautiful, arrived undamaged, and are the perfect size and shape for me and my daughter. What a fabulous alternative to both traditional kippot (which often still feel masculine, especially for those uninterested in wearing something pastel) and the outdated and hideous doilies of yore. The built-in comb eliminates the need for additional clips without compromising the pretty design. We look forward to wearing these at my daughter’s bat mitzvah. Thank you Linda!




Rachel: “Absolutely gorgeous. I special ordered this for my sister’s wedding and got many compliments on it. The kippah came exactly as ordered and I couldn’t be happier!”


Linda: Happy to say that Rachel ordered another kippah for a wedding she’s attending:


You can place a custom order too.


From Dena: Linda-my daughter, LOVES her clip mini-kippah. Your attention to detail is evident in the quality of the item. I love your creativity and the ability for you to custom-make the kippot as well. Your story of being a survivor moved me and your kindness and sense of caring carries over into each of your designs. Thanks for being part of etsy!


Sabrina wrote:
Wanted to follow up and let you know we received the two wire beaded kippot and they are perfect! It looks so pretty in Ella’s hair – it’s the perfect thing for my daughter who is very resistant to wearing a men’s type of kippah during her Bat Mitzvah! Thank you!
kippah - 4inch Silver with gold beads and Indigo Swarovski crystals



Julie wrote a lovely comment on my testimonials page

Customer Testimonial from Julie
“Hi Linda,
I wanted to belatedly thank you for the kippah you made my daughter for her bat mitzvah.  She really liked it, and it looked beautiful on her. Thank you!
Valerie D”

Kimberly – “I ordered two of these gold wire and pearl kippot for me and my daughter  to wear to my son’s bar mitzvah. They’re exactly what we wanted. They’re beautiful, unique, and well-made. It was a pleasure working with Linda, who rushed the second kippah to us once we fell in love with the first.”



Deb – “I love these earrings! They’re light, fun, frivolous, and attractive. I can’t decide what to wear to my seder tonight; the seder plates, the matzos, or one of each!”

Passover Matzah Earrings

Passover Seder Plate Earrings - Blue Lapis

Passover Seder Plate Earrings – Blue Lapis

Nina – “They’re absolutely perfect, I love them, and they fit perfectly. You pulled it together … thanks so much, Linda”

Wedding Pearl Bracelets


Sue – “I’m so happy to finally have my new granddaughter’s name bracelet.” Morgan Name Bracelet


Deb – “I love this handmade kippah. It’s beautiful and easy to wear. I’m going to use it for high holidays, to add a little class to the services!”
Deb's Kippah

Mary –  “Both the turquoise and yellow necklaces are light in weight and light in design so I appreciate their delicacy, know they are there but not always conscious that I have jewelry on.  I like that.  I like, too, that they are hand designed and crafted and that I am acquainted with you enhances their beautiful appearance as I remember our times together [at synagogue] .  I can picture you designing the piece, and perhaps it even received a gentle paw touch. By the way, I’ve already received compliments on the blue necklace.

Orbit Necklace wire wrapped yel_birds_spiral2

Turquoise Wire Wrapped Necklace


Dena totally gets my kippah designs and I’m doing the happy dance.

Dena – I LOVE your kippot because they are “random” and imperfectly-shaped, and abstract. All of the other ones are perfectly shaped circles or flowered-shaped or round – yours are more free-formed and I love that! They are also decorative without being “over the top” with too many colors or beading like some others. I think you do an excellent  job as you can probably tell! – Dena
Copper and Copper KippahSilver White Pearl Kippah

Barbara – “I love the blue wire kippah that I saw online. Do you have another just like it? I’d love one. I just ordered your seder plate earrings.”  

Seder Plate EarringsBlue Wire Blue Beaded Kippah


Michelle – “I love your creations and I placed my order for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah”

Silver White Pearl Kippah






Susan – Hi Linda, I was on your site and saw the kippah you made called “Custom for Margie”.  I am looking for something similar to this and similar in pricing.  (My mother bought one similar for my daughter but she is going to return it.  It has pink & white beads and does not match anything).

Copper Rose Quartz with Star of David kippah

After Susan’s purchase:

“Hi Linda,

It is beautiful….more important Maya loves it!!!!!! Maya said you can put a sliver hamsa on it she won’t mind and she said it may actually make it stand out more. She thinks it is perfect. Thank you so very much for the love you poured into this piece, it will be worn (G-d willing ) for many years of her life. It will help to make this day of entering into Jewish womanhood so special.  I will send photos for you. Thank you again the kippah is so very wonderful.

Vivienne -“Linda, Each creation is indeed unique. This is my third order which means I must love the work you do. Again, thank you.”

Black and silver kippah 4 inch






If you would like to create a kippah for your simcha or a custom jewelry design that we create together, please contact me.

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  1. Julie Schwartzman July 19, 2016 at 12:29 am Permalink

    LInda, you made me a kippah that is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much! I’ll be in touch with future orders for sure!

    • Linda July 29, 2016 at 12:08 pm Permalink

      Julie, I’m delighted you like it and wish you mazal tov again on your simcha.

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