Left Handed Day is Aug. 13

Did you know that I’m a Southpaw?

August 13 is known as left handed day. I write, use a mouse on the left and eat with my left hand, but I do everything else with my right hand because when I was growing up, my parents taught me to be a “rightie.”

I bowl, bat and cut meat with my right hand. Also, I sew, bead, wire wrap and use scissors with my right hand. For some customers, I have to change the chain to be on the “other side.”



Here are some fun facts about being left-handed:

Left Handers, also commonly referred to as Southpaws, are the brunt of more than their share of jokes all year long. How do I know? Yup, you guessed it! It ain’t easy being a leftie. But those of us who are, would have it no other way. Lefties are proud of it.

The world is built for right handers. Examples are everywhere:

  • In school, have you ever seen a left handed desk? They don’t exist.
  • Many left handed items cost more.
  • Novelty coffee mugs are made with the picture or text for a right handed pick-up.
  • Scissors for for right handers. Only a lefty would understand this.
  • The computer mouse you are using as you read this is designed for right handers.
  • Did you Know? Right handed people operate in the left side of the brain. Left handed people use the right side. Therefore, only left handed people are in their right mind.
  • Lefties are also called “southpaws”. The term was coined in baseball to describe a left handed pitcher.
  • Tuesdays are Lefties luck day.
  • Only about 10% of the population is left handed.

Left Hander’s certainly earned the right to have a day dedicated to them. August 13th is that day. Take a minute to appreciate your left handed friends and loved ones.

Remember today and every day: “Lefties have rights!”