Passover (Pesah) is a symbolic Jewish holiday and one of my favorite holidays.

Pesah is the Festival of Freedom and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, when the Hebrew slaves were forced out of Egypt. They didn’t have time to finish baking the bread, so we eat matzah or unleavened bread and we refrain from eating “anything that puffs or rises” (the best way I describe it to my friends).


We celebrate our freedom from slavery at sundown on March 10 – March 18. The first 2 nights we have seders or dinners with prayers and songs, and invite those who are hungry to eat. We are commanded always to “invite the stranger for we were all strangers in the land of Egypt.” If you belong to a synagogue that has a seder, it’s traditionally on the 2nd night of Passover.

The preparation is intense, a major Spring cleaning of our homes and spiritual selves.

As it gets closer, my list of things to do doesn’t seem to get shorter, even though I have already completed several chores and shopped for matzah and other Passover foods, and started planning a few meals.  I have to travel about 40 miles to get a good selection. While I shopped, I saw my dad’s (z’l) favorite Passover Sesame candy and burst into tears in the middle of the grocery store. Nisan 1 is the anniversary of my dad’s death, and I always go to shul to say memorial prayers.


Matzah Earrings


The oldest existing Haggadah (or book we use at the Seder) that we have today is from 8th or 9th century Palestine. While there have been modifications and additions over time (as people have added prayers of devotion and songs of praise), the basic form of the Haggadah has not changed. With the advent of the printing press in the Middle Ages, the Haggadah text was set, based on the prayer book of Rav Amram Gaon, who headed the Babylonian Yeshiva of Sura between 856-876 C.E. While certain parts of the Haggadah, such as Chad Gad’ya (“One Kid”), were not added until much later, the basic text of the Haggadah has remained the same to this day.” (Source: Jewish Treats)


Seder Plate Necklace (and earrings)


A few of my favorite foods for Passover are brisket, matzah brei and kosher for Passover chocolate mints.


Hagaddah Earrings

Hagaddah Earrings


From our home to yours, Happy Passover!