Yellow Ankle Bracelet


You’re ready to go sailing in your new yellow swimsuit cover up. This yellow anklet is a terrific way to accessorize.

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Yellow ankle bracelet or anklet is part of my new Chakra collection. This ankle bracelet has a yellow jade bead and it represents the 3rd chakra or vision.

The length is 9″ long. Imagine yourself in shorts and a T-shirt, but you’re going to a BBQ and want to look put together. Slip on this anklet and other jewelry and you’re all set. I can make matching earrings or other yellow jewelry for you if you’d like – just contact me.

Chakra Guide:

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Boost Self-Confidence and Happiness

Corresponds to the area just below the ribs. Yellow represents vision, analytical thought and intellectual activity. It strengthens self-confidence, helps us to visualize a more positive outlook and is a symbol of hope.

Note that this is not a health guide.

Yellow ankle bracelet can be worn comfortably and taken off  comfortably with a toggle clasp.


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