Tree of Life Bangle Bracelet


This lucky tree of life bangle bracelet has gemstones and Swarovski crystals along with pewter tree of life and turtle charms.


This Tree of Life Bangle Bracelet has the lucky green theme.

The Tree of Life charm represents life, family and Torah. Bangle bracelets are the latest trend in fashion. The charms chosen stand for what you want your bracelet theme to be. I can customize the charms and colors to your style.

If you want luck and money brought into your family, the charms of a tree of life and a small turtle charm are the symbols for luck. And, the green aventurine gemstone s are also the lucky financial gemstone.

Peridot green is the birthstone for August birthdays. The aquamarine charm is for March birthdays.

Social, religious, biblical, and Christian symbolism were all reflected in the color green. The symbolic meaning of the color green was renewal of life and nature.

Green corresponds with the 4th or heart chakra. It is also a healing and relaxing color to use in mediation.

Peridot is associated with: love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty.

The Traditional metaphysical properties are:  fame, dignity, and protection.

The healing properties are: effective for health problems relating to the lungs, lymph, breast, and sinuses. The peridot is also used to enhance prosperity, growth, and openness.

The August Birthstone is peridot. The Zodiac sign is Leo (the Lion) and relates to those born between July 23 and August 22.

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Tree of Life Bangle Bracelet is stackable. You can wear it with other bracelets or alone.



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