Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings


Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree earrings a popular and a perfect gift to have on hand.

You must specify colors to order; otherwise, I will choose one for you.


Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings are adorable for the Christmas holidays, whether you wear them in December or when you feel like Christmas.

These are best selling Christmas tree earrings at craft shows and perfect as Christmas gifts for yourself or for a friend. Have a pair on hand as a “just in case” gift.

Choose the colors based on the bottom bead (the bottom color is listed first):

Gold cube earrings with red top Swarovski crystal (1st photo)

Green cube with blue Swarovski crystal tree and blue top (2nd photo)

Red cube with capri blue top Swarovski crystal (3rd photo)

Turquoise cube with red Swarovski crystal top (no photo)

These earrings have crystals that are smaller than the multi earring photos. They are around 2″ from the top of the earwires.



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