Peace Sign Earrings


Wear peace signs on your ears to spread peace around.

Give peace a chance – the Beatles


Peace Sign Earrings

These green gemstone peace sign earrings bring good luck to you, the wearer and to those around you with the lucky gemstone aventurine.

They can be worn with a casual outfit such as jeans and a t-shirt or they can be worn for an evening out with your little black dress.

  • Green is for healing energy and is important in achieving peace.
  • Green is the color of the 4th chakra, related to the heart.
  • Love, Acceptance and Healing
  • Aventurine is the “lucky gemstone.”
  • The peace sign charm is pewter.
  • The earwires are sterling silver.
  • The peace sign earrings are around 2″ long.

Best-selling earrings

Earwires can be changed so you can buy them to fit your needs:

If you have metal allergies, let me know – I can change them to lead- and nickel free earwires

I can also change them to silvertone earwires or silvertone leverback earwires.


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