Purple Swarovski wire wrapped earrings
Purple Swarovski wire wrapped earringsgold_tear_purple1gold_tear_purple2gold_tear_purple3Purple Swarovski wire wrapped earrings

Swarovski Wire Wrapped Earrings – Amethyst


I used Purple (Amethyst) Swarovski crystals for these wire wrapped earrings. They’re the perfect touch for gift giving at any time.

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Product Description

These Swarovski Wire Wrapped Earrings make a statement when you walk into a room. I made them in 2 popular colors: purple and green.

I wire wrapped amethyst purple Swarovski crystal onto these teardrops frames – these earrings are around 2.5″ long. In the center dangle 2 more amethyst swarovski crystals. The fishhooks are gold colored, and not pure gold.

If you have metal allergies, I can upgrade you to gold filled leverback earwires for an additional cost of $3 (not shown)

Purple is the color of meditation and royalty. It corresponds to the 6th chakra of spirituality.

The green emerald wire wrapped earrings are elegant for any occasion.