Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet


Howlite is an awareness gemstone used to:

  • calming upset states of mind and emotion,
  • heighten creativity and expand self-expression, and
  • bring subtlety and tact into your life.

It is associated with the crown chakra but can be used to balance all the chakras.

Yellow is for vision and is associated with the 3rd or solar plexis chakra.

Carnelian (Orange) is related to the 2nd chakra – below the naval, genitals and womb.



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Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

This evil eye hamsa bracelet will offer you double protection with an evil eye bead and a hamsa charm.

I used 3 colors of evil eye beads in this Evil Eye Bracelet. There are: turquoise, white, and black evil eye beads. The white oval gemstones are howlite.

This is a stretch bracelet.

My inspiration for this bracelet came from a customer at a show in November. It is believed that evil eye beads are a source of protection.

I can make matching earrings for you, just let me know what colors and if you’d like Swarovski crystals (I have some in stock) or glass beads or evil eye beads.

If you’d like me to work with you on a different design with different beads and a few evil eye beads, just let me know. I’m happy to work with customers. Note that I do require a deposit on custom orders.

“The orange carnelian glass beads are related to the 2nd Chakra which focuses on emotional and sexual energies. Balanced emotions promote a sense of self-worth that allows one to accept all the good, including abundance and prosperity, into his or her life. And balanced sexual energy generates romance and healthy sexual relationships. The craving to create something physical, outside of oneself, develops at this level, and drawing, painting, writing, and music are excellent outlets for this desire.

A balanced 2nd Chakra leads to feelings of wellness, plenty, pleasure, and joy. You can see this exemplified by those who are fully connected and attuned to their physical and emotional centers. They are comfortable with their bodies and their emotions. Sexual and non-sexual relationships are healthy, and they are based on trust and mutual respect. There is a passion for life that is expressed in everything they do. ”

Source: chakramid



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