SOLD Jewish Star Bracelet – Green Gemstone


This green gemstone bracelet is a Jewish Star charm bracelet.

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Jewish Star Bracelet – Green Gemstone

This Jewish Star Bracelet, Judaica Jewelry, Jewish Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry bracelet is a hot seller at artisan fairs.

Women love to choose the charms and have been choosing between 4-7 charms to fill out the bracelet entirely.

This green aventurine bracelet is a lucky healing bracelet on top of it represented by the green aventurine gemstones and blue/green porcelain beads. If you look closely, you’ll see that even the spacers are small Star of David bead caps.

This is a stretch bracelet around 7.5″ long and will fit most women.

4 Jewish charms are attached:
Star of David
Filigree Chai
Shabbat wine charm
Torah scroll charm

Imagine dressing for services and you put on this Jewish Star bracelet after your makeup is finished. Then you can celebrate L’Chaim (life) and Shabbat and Jewish holidays by wearing this beautiful gemstone bracelet.

Jewish Star Bracelet is designed to make you feel happy with life. You can wear it everyday to bring you luck.


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