Purim Grager Earrings


Purim earrings are fun to wear with your costume to hear the Megillah reading.

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Purim Earrings are for the woman who wants to celebrate Purim in style, by wearing gragers on her ears.

These Purim grager earrings will help you to remember the sounds of the noisemakers (gragers) drowning out the cursed name of H… when you’re at the Megillah reading at your synagogue.

The grager charms are silver in color and are made of pewter and have a Jewish star stamped onto the bottom. The blue colored beads are typically a Jewish color and also represent the State of Israel.

You’ll start a conversation by wearing these whimsical Purim earrings.

Purim earrings are great as a gift for yourself or for a friend.

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