Bead Wire Kippah Silver, White Pearls Blue Swarovski 4.5″


A bead wire kippah with silver wire, white pearls and blue Swarovski crystals. 4.5″

Includes mailing costs to U.S.


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Bead Wire Kippah

This lovely Bead Wire Kippah in Silver wire, White Pearls Blue Swarovski 4.5″ – is:

A perfect gift or headcovering gift for a Jewish woman.  Imagine walking into synagogue and hearing compliments from everyone on your headcovering.

The silver, white and blue colors represent Israel and Judaism. These colors are one of my best sellers for kippot.

Includes mailing costs to US only.

You can also get a 4″ kippah if your head is smaller.

To measure:
Draw 2 circles that are 4″ and 4.5″ and place them alternately on the crown of your head to see if this is the size you’d like.