Silver Wire Kippah – White Pearls 5″


This wire kippah is 5″ in diameter. It has silver wire and white pearls and a clear plastic comb. It’s perfect for a bar or bat mitzvah.

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Silver Wire Kippah – White Pearls 5″

Planning a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah? You need a new kippah. This one is a Silver Wire with White Pearls and is 5″. It was made to sit on the crown of your head as a headcovering.

Men are always required to cover their heads at synagogue, In the Conservative tradition, more women are beginning to wear wire beaded kippot instead of wearing doilies on our heads. A comb is attached so it stays in place in your hair. If you have thin hair, you might need to also wear a barrette or kippah clip.

I hand wire wrap each loop on the kippah with love and respect for G-d. Each kippah is free formed, meaning I do not use a pattern so each kippah is a unique handmade creation especially for you.

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Custom orders are welcome. Contact me so we can work together to create it your way.


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