SOLD OUT Blue Waves Wire Crochet Necklace


Be reminded of the sea and sky with this blue wire crochet necklace that matches tons of items in your closet. Visualize you’re standing near the water. Can you smell the sea and hear the waves crashing?


Blue Waves Wire Crochet Necklace

The sea and sky are represented in this handmade Blue Waves Wire Crochet Necklace. Large blue glass beads are for the sea and the blue iris smaller glass beads represent the sky at dawn when the sun is just coming up. The copper metallic beads also look like the sky to me at sunset when the colors are beautiful and changing.

I braided together 3 strands of beads for this crochet necklace using large and small beads and crochet stitches. It is 20″ long.

You can shape this necklace by pushing and pulling on the wire for it to be closer together or farther apart.

The blue waves wire crochet necklace closes easily with a silvertone toggle clasp.

This necklace can be worn with casual clothes, like a white T-shirt or with a white shell and suit jacket or cardian. You’ll get a lot of wear out of this versatile necklace.


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