Copper Amethyst Chain Necklace Set
cop_purple_wire_neck3Copper Purple Necklacecop_purple_wire_neck2cop_purple_wire_neck1Copper Amethyst Chain Necklace Set

Copper Chain Amethyst Necklace

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Be bold wearing this copper chain and amethyst wire wrapped necklace set, a unique color combination.

Amethyst is the February birthstone.

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Product Description

Copper Chain Amethyst Necklace Set is for a woman who likes striking color combinations in fashion and accessories. Copper is a fashion trend and amethyst is the February birthstone. Purple (amethyst) is also the color of royalty and meditation.

I used a few different wire wrap techniques including a coil and a spiral to enhance the copper wire. You can see the close up in the 4th photo.

This copper chain necklace slips over the head and is about 22″ long including the wire wrapped amethyst stone.

The earrings are not available.

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