Pink Rose Quartz Necklace Set


Breast Cancer Pink Rose Quartz Beaded Necklace is a beautiful, classic pink necklace.

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Product Description

Pink Rose Quartz Necklace

Pink Rose Quartz Necklace is feminine, and beaded with rose quartz and rhodonite gemstones and a small toggle clasp.

My design is asymmetrical with the metal round and rhodonite gemstone bead, which can be worn on either side, OR you can wear it with them on the bottom, if you turn the necklace. It’s versatile, you can wear it at least 3 different ways as mentioned above, and it can be worn for a casual or more dressy event.

This pink necklace has 3 different types and shapes of rose quartz gemstones: round, small rectangles and big barrel pink gemstones and silver spacers. It is about 20″ or 51 cm long.

The last picture shows the matching bracelet and earrings, which are included.
Pink is the color of love.
Rose Quartz – healing properties
-Rose quartz is known as the love stone
-Strong healer of the heart
-Makes an excellent friendship gift
-Fertility crystal
-Encourages helpfulness, self-love, romance, ability to love
-Improves the quality of sleep if placed next to the bed
-Love charm to young girls
-Balances the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra

Rhodonite – Healing properties
-Tone up respiratory tract and lungs
-Protects against allergies
-Helpful to keep a clear, calm mind in tense situations
-Coping with changing circumstances
-Prevents mental blocks


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