SOLD Aquamarine Birthstone Earrings

These Aquamarine March birthstone earrings are squiggles of wire and aquamarine Swarovski crystals.

You’ll love the way these one of a kind earrings dangle on your ears.

Happy Birthday, March women.


I made these aquamarine March birthstone earrings by sitting down and pulling out silver wire and Aquarmarine Swarovski crystals.  I call them squiggle earrings.

My Aquamarine March birthstone earrings reflect the colors of the sky and the sea.

These dangling earrings are around 2.5″ long. They are one of a kind.

It is believed Aquamarine has these special properties:
To bring love, affection and harmony to the wearer.
To bring happiness for those whose job is related to the sea.
If used by sailors the gemstones would guide them against evil spirits, help them overcome any storm and bring safety on their journeys.
Helps people to quell anger and provides emotional balance.
To purify water and grant it special healing powers.



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