Aqua Dragonfly Bracelet


These charms symbolize change on a blue gemstone bracelet.


This Aqua Dragonfly Bracelet is the perfect gift for the woman who loves the symbols of the dragonfly, butterfly and the tree of life.  All of these symbols mean change; the dragonfly has wings that respond the the wind, the butterfly changes from a cocoon and the tree of life is the cycle of life for your family.

You can give this Aqua Dragonfly Bracelet as a gift (to yourself) or to a friend to symbolize change. It is on stretchy cord and will fit a size 7.5.

Aqua Dragonfly Bracelet has blue jade gemstones – round and oval, silvertone spacers and the charms: the dragonfly, butterfly and the tree of life and is made with positive energy.




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