Chanukah Necklace – Scrabble Tile


Chanukah Necklace can be adjusted to the length you prefer.

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This Chanukah Necklace – Scrabble Tile is a small gift you can add on for a Hanukkah gift for a child or adult, either male or female.

The scrabble tile is 1 inch all around and has an image of Happy Hanukkah gifts wrapped in blue and white paper.  The image is glued to the scrabble tile.

The 24 inch ball chain can be cut down to the length that you need.  It can be made into a purse pull or keychain.

Note: the scrabble tile is not waterproof and should not be used while bathing. This item is slightly imperfect.

Chanukah Necklace can also be used to decorate your gifts.




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